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Friday February 14, 2020 09:31

Where Does New Hampshire Leave Us?

The New Hampshire primary boosted Klobuchar, exposed Biden as a zombie and drew the curtains on Andrew Yang and Deval Patrick. That's something, and at least the Hampshiremen/women counted votes in a businesslike manner.

With essentially all the votes in, Sanders, Buttigieg and Klobuchar are bunched at the top within 6 percentage points of one another. Warren and Biden have less than half the votes of the leaders and are within 1 percentage point of each other. Steyer and Gabbard have less than half the votes of Warren/Biden and are within half a percentage point of each other.

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Monday February 10, 2020 16:33

On the Eve of New Hampshire

It’s a weird race.

The dominant contenders for the Democratic nomination are three white guys: an angry old communist, a young gay socialist and a NeverTrump big city billionaire. Two are Jews, but not seriously enough to put Ilhan or Rashida off. Will one be our Disraeli?

The fierce old fella who handled Ukraine for Obama is beset by lying, dogface, pony soldiers as he staggers toward South Carolina. The nice, ex-boyfriend-funded lady is hanging by her fingernails while the frantic, many-planned woman has spiraled into a tie with delusional Hillary.

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